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Ulkkain the Weirdo Extradinaire!
Current Residence: Dreamers Nightmare... Reality...
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: anything, mainly rock
Favourite style of art: Manga/anime
Operating System: windows Vista
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Favourite cartoon character: Dr. Franken Stein (Soul Eater)
Personal Quote: Welcome to the party, We're All going to die!
So yeah... i still live. go me... lol
ive been gaming. horribly lol not doing badly just been doing alot of it. finished Darksiders, fucking good game and ending was awesome too. Also Finished Ninja Blade, which was pretty good i guess lol. i've played like 5 chapters of bayonetta, i can see DMC in it and well same director so i cant see why it wouldnt. and i just realised last night ive done like 12 hours of MW2 online lol havent touched single player or special ops tho. been playing alot of league of legends too.

Me and a guy i play with realised whilst getting our asses handed too us for like the 6th time that night that there are better games out there, but honestly... for what it is. LoL is pretty good. sure its still got some work to be done but so do alot of games and well decent gamers ignore whats left to be done and take enjoyment in whats been done.

only the annoying like sobs that believe their fucking owed this game they want it to be really bitch about games and well that really fucking annoys me cause they sit and whinge and bitch about how this game lacks this or is missing this, or is just like this other game. and whatever and I sit there and think well fuck if you want the game to be like this then well shit go fucking make it, oh wait you cant cause you lack the money, equipment, programs, knowledge and experience. for fuck sake grow up nothing.

NOTHING is ever going to be perfect but you can go to fucking hell if your going to give a game shit cause if didnt quite make you want to bend over and take it up the ass. but shit if its doing the job as to keep you entertained and whatever then its doing its job. and if it makes you talk about it to ya friends then its done well enough to get that level of respect. fuck i hate little bitches that do this useless shit. whats worse is when they come into my store whilst im working and they stop people from buying something just cause they personally didnt get a fucking boner over it...

yes i did just have a rant about this, why? cause well i could. And well If you think im wrong well tell me why and ill take it into account and give ya a reply.

still on gaming but good now. I WANT FFXIII FUCKING NOW!!! XD lol it looks so fucking goood.... lol. and im really inspired to cosplay as Snow, he looks badass and well shit his... AEON. i dont like how they keep changing the names of the spieces? of summons lol. anyway where was i, ah yes Shiva, i <3 Shiva as a summon why? i dunno. but shes awesome and now in FFXII Theres 2 of her!!! lol the shiva sisters are Snows summons and they turn into a motorcycle!!! how fucking awesome is that. now lightning, i dont know what it is, her hair and maybe the fact shes got huge man balls for a personality, could be those things but i think she looks like a dyke lol. anyway SAZH FUCK YES ANOTHER BLACK GUY AND HE HAS A FRO!!! ABOUT TIME!!! XD. so yeah i seriously cant wait to get my FF hoe hands on this game lol. like im so conflicted about this im like i want the fucking demo gimme, but im also like keep it the fuck away i will wait to play the whole thing lol.

okay anyway... next, Akumetsu. i finally read the last volume of it and well im impressed, im quite glad they didnt fuck up the ending, they did well with it. I am not happy its over but i am content with out it ended. so yeah if yas dont know what it is then read the first book and then decide from there whether to keep reading, trust me the plot gets good lol. well it keep me reading anyway lol.
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Listening to: 2 gryphon.. lmao. and shuffle
  • Reading: Air Gear,Naruto,Bleach
  • Watching: Yahtzee. FFXIII trailers
  • Playing: LoL, MW2, Bayonetta.
  • Eating: random stuffs
  • Drinking: alot of water...

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